15 Jul 2021

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Vantage | July 2021

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22 Jul 2021

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The Vertex bond - first SGD-denominated public corporate bond issued by a global venture capital holding company, is oversubscribed by about 3.7 times (if based on SGD Benchmark) or 2.44 times (if based on final issue size) with an order book of over SGD 1.1 billion

22 Jul 2021

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Vertex Ventures US | CTO Roundup: Startup Leaders Talk Cloud Computing Today

We hosted a global roundtable with CTOs from across the Vertex portfolio and asked them to shed light on how their companies are thinking about cloud computing, cloud evolution, security, company growth, and more.

16 Jul 2021



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Vertex Growth | Charging Towards an Electrified Future

Up until a few years ago, the idea of an Electric Vehicle (EV) future was murky with consumers doubting the viability, economics and infrastructure necessary to support the EVs market. Today, the Gaia gods are smiling and the EV stars have aligned.

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