04 Apr 2022

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EV charging and the next frontier

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For the mass adoption of electric vehicle (EV) to become a reality, EV charging infrastructure must be made accessible, quick and have reliability. Current signs indicate the sector is moving in the right direction – with China, Europe, US and Japan accelerating their charging infrastructure rollout plans, and notable charging network operators (i.e. ChargePoint, EVgo and Tritium) making billion-dollar exits.

Globally, plug-in charging has emerged as one of the most common and versatile EV charging methods, enabling EVs to be charged at double the speed and have a further vehicle’s range. Automakers like Porsche, Kia and Volvo are rolling out new EV models with higher voltage to enable fast charging.

As EV plug-in charging gains traction, a charging operator’s key differentiation lies in positioning themselves as a value-added service provider and has the ability to deploy chargers effectively. Smart solutions and cloud-connected technologies may emerge to optimise charge point usage and energy consumption, while grid network expansion may occur to prevent local bottlenecks.

This presents new opportunities for hardware-agnostic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies like Virta, a Vertex Growth portfolio company that manages EV charging points with capabilities in roaming, dynamic load management and vehicle-to-grid (V2G). With more EVs on the road, V2G services could help fleet managers generate an estimated USD 1.6B in cost savings and revenues. Their predictable utilisation schedules will enable fleet managers to harvest energy during off-peak hours and utilise it during peak periods.

Beyond plug-in charging, some fleet managers are also exploring alternative EV charging methods such as battery swapping as it provides a close-to-zero waiting time. However, some challenges such as battery/vehicle standardization, exponential cost and carbon footprint concerns could potentially affect mass adoption.

Wireless charging is another frontrunner for the future of EV due to its convenience. Regulators have announced the first global standard and first movers are emerging in the static wireless charging space, forming partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and governments. We believe dynamic (on the go) charging is the next frontier as players race to develop this capability.

As the saying goes, ‘if you build it, they will come’. By rapidly developing the EV charging network, EV adoption and the dawn of a greener transportation will swiftly follow.


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